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Opening Statement
& Jury Argument
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Only students registered for Professor Moses' Opening Statement and Jury Argument course and invited others may participate in the email discussion group. This discussion group serves as a sounding board for students to engage in on-line critique, discussion, debate, and argumentation. All students in the Opening Statement and Jury Argument Course are required to become members of this email discussion group as soon as possible. You'll need an email address. To prevent your present email account from being clogged up with O&C material, take a few moments and open a new Yahoo e-mail account dedicated solely to this course. Once you have a Yahoo email address, there are several ways you can become a member of the O&C E-Discussion Group. Alternative One: The easiest way to sign up is to go directly to the O&C E-Discussion Group and join. Professor Moses will be notified and will approve you. Alternative Two: After you have signed up for a new Yahoo email account, email that new Yahoo email address to Professor Moses. In the subject space of your email simply state, "Student - O&C Course -  (insert your name)". Professor Moses will add you directly to the e-discussion group. Alternative Three: The least effective way of becoming a member of the O&C E Discussion Group is to wait until classes begin and give Professor Moses your Yahoo email address on the first day of class.

Once you have received notification in your Yahoo email account that you have been admitted to the OpenandClose E-Discussion group, you may then address your class email messages and critiques from that Yahoo email account to the group at
Everyone in the O&C Discusssion Group will receive your email postings to the group. 

With your Yahoo identification, you may also gain entry to the permanent archives of the Opening Statement and Jury Argument class E-Discussion web site. This site keeps a permanent chronological record of useful email messages that have been posted to the group during the past several years. You will find it very helpful if you lose messages and if you want to look at messages posted by previous classes. The URL of the group site ishttp://groups.yahoo.com/group/openandclose

Rules of the Group

+ Please identify yourself by name when you post to the e-discussion group.
+ Treat other group members with courtesy and respect.
+ When you post content you permit the other members of the group to use it  to enhance
their own skills in opening and closing.
+ To reduce the possibility of spreading viruses, no attachments are allowed to email sent
to the E-Discussion group. You are certainly welcome, however, to cut and
paste information into your email messages.
+ When replying to a message, redact the portion of the message you are replying to before posting. This will avoid duplicity and needless use of allotted space.